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Who is Paul Kearns?

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Rarely have I found an external consultant able to add so much value in such a short period and, at the same time, make me enjoy the experience. Your blend of expertise, experience and communication skill is an exemplar. You have helped me and my colleagues transform the way that we are going to work round here. Line management in HSBC, our shareholders and our customers will benefit, considerably. Ray Campsie, Senior Executive Group L&D, HSBC
On behalf of the Centre for Performance-Led HR thank you for attending and presenting at our CPHR Seminar. Your presentation was very well received and created a good debate between us all. Professor Paul Sparrow, Centre Director, Lancaster University Management School

Paul developed the theory and practice of HR Maturity which eventually led to him becoming one of the founders and Chair of the Maturity Institute; the leading professional body in Human Governance and Human Capital Management. He has recently been instrumental in instigating a ground-breaking research project into the S&P500 with Harvard LWP.  As Senior Partner at OMS LLP he has helped to develop the first Human Capital Reporting Template©, the OMI Global Index of Human Capital Management©  and the Human Capital Risk Grid© which have led to OMS being recognised as the “foremost authority” on human capital reporting within the finance and investment communities in London.

He has written many articles and books on the subjects of HR strategy, measurement, evaluation, ROI and, more recently, setting the highest Professional standards in HR and organizational learning using the latest Evidence-Based Management methods.

Paul is still, first and foremost, a down-to-earth, HCM practitioner who always links his consulting practice directly to evidence of business value.  By tirelessly pushing out the boundaries of strategic HCM his work has increasingly been referenced by those in the academic world who want to bridge the gulf between theory and practice.  As a result, Paul has been teaching HR strategy for over fifteen years as a core MBA course.  He travels widely as a highly valued consultant, keynote speaker, teacher and facilitator.