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Who is Paul Kearns?

Rarely have I found an external consultant able to add so much value in such a short period and, at the same time, make me enjoy the experience. Your blend of expertise, experience and communication skill is an exemplar. You have helped me and my colleagues transform the way that we are going to work round here. Line management in HSBC, our shareholders and our customers will benefit, considerably. Ray Campsie, Senior Executive Group L&D, HSBC
On behalf of the Centre for Performance-Led HR thank you for attending and presenting at our CPHR Seminar. Your presentation was very well received and created a good debate between us all. Professor Paul Sparrow, Centre Director, Lancaster University Management School

Paul is an economics graduate who has spent the majority of his 30+ years in HR re-thinking and re-shaping the way organizations manage human capital. His last corporate HR role was Head of HR for an automotive, supply chain manufacturer where he first learned about the Toyota Production System and Total Quality Management; both of which subsequently influenced his thinking and practice.  In particular Paul developed his theory on HR Maturity which led to the establishment of the Institute of HR Maturity and an advisory collaboration with the CIPD on its Valuing your Talent Project, specifically looking at creating a framework for human capital metrics.  In 2012 he also became closely involved with the development of international HR standards, under the umbrella of ISO TC260 – HR Management, and currently chairs the UK National Committee for the BSI (British Standards Institute) and acts as its Principal Expert.

In 1991 Paul started to specialise in strategic HR measurement and evaluation and established his consultancy practice – PWL. From its inception PWL focused on measured outcomes and the real value, in hard currency, that can be directly connected to effective HR and learning management.  His radical approach has drawn attention from around the world and he is a regular keynote speaker.  He has since written many articles and books on the subjects of measurement, evaluation, ROI, HR strategy and, more recently, setting the highest Professional standards in HR using the latest Evidence-Based Management methods.

Paul is still, first and foremost, an HR practitioner who always links his HR practice directly to evidence of business needs.  He also maintains close links with leading academics whose research supports progressive management thinking and practice.  His writing has gradually been taken up by those academics who want to bridge the gulf between theory and practice and this has led to him teaching a core MBA class in HR strategy for over ten years.  He now travels widely as a teacher, consultant, facilitator and keynote speaker.